NYC Restaurant Review: Raffetto’s Pasta

Pasta NoodlesEstablished in 1906, the Greenwich Village eatery, Raffetto’s Pasta has served up stylish and delicious plates of cheese ravioli, egg noodles, and spinach ravioli for countless Manhattanites for over a century.


The varieties of pasta and fresh noodles are numerous and homemade, made with unique quality and ingredients, including black squid, pumpkin, parsley-basil, lemon red pepper, whole wheat, buckwheat, mushrooms, artichokes, and rosemary. They boost the standard application of pasta and sauce, and they guide their customers toward truly remarkable meals by creating desirable sauces, pasta, and flavors that could tame even the fussiest palates.


The small batch creations aren’t merely magical, they’re a tradition. For more than century, the Italian eatery has offered New Yorkers undisturbed quality and continuous spirited experience. The house creations are served in small batches and represent the persistent legacy of the Raffetto’s family legacy.


The employees are warm, the portions are generous, and the ambiance is ideal. Everything on the menu, including each item in the retail storefront at 144 W Houston St in New York City, is great.


Fortunately, for those who want to devour the delicious cuisine, but can’t make it inside, they’ll be glad to know that Raffeto’s offers local delivery, as well as free pickup and in-house dining. Everything on the menu, including the Panettone Bread Pudding, the Fresh-Cut Fettuccine Pasta, the Black Squid fettuccine can be brought to your doorstep at a low price.

If you’re planning to stop by Raffetto’s or planning to have it delivered to you, be sure to taste their squid ink pasta, fresh cavatelli, and lobster ravioli!


What are some things you look forward to trying at Raffetto’s?