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Pasta Noodles

NYC Restaurant Review: Raffetto’s Pasta

Established in 1906, the Greenwich Village eatery, Raffetto’s Pasta has served up stylish and delicious plates of cheese ravioli, egg noodles, and spinach ravioli for countless Manhattanites for over a century.   The varieties of pasta and fresh noodles are numerous and homemade, made with unique quality and ingredients, including black squid, pumpkin, parsley-basil, lemon red pepper, whole wheat, buckwheat,… Read more →

A Look At How Local Restaurants Are Giving Back To Communities Affected By Natural Disasters | Kevin Brunnock

A Look At How Local Restaurants Are Giving Back To Communities Affected By Natural Disasters

With the unfortunate recent natural disasters that have occurred, many people are suffering and in need of help. There are thousands of donation campaigns throughout the country that seek to help those who have been affected by these natural disasters. At the forefront of this cause are restaurants. Many restaurants are donating, tips and a percentage of sales, as well… Read more →

Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City | Kevin Brunnock

Three-Star Michelin Restaurants in New York City | 2017

Who doesn’t want to know more about 3-star Michelin restaurants in New York City? The Michelin Guide is a well-known series of guide books published by Michelin, a French tire and travel service assistance company. Since 1900, the Michelin Guide has been published after brothers and manufacturers Édouard and André Michelin printed nearly 35,000. Subsequent editions of the guide were… Read more →

NYC Restaurant Review: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a New York City classic. Known for their use of irresistible crust, savory sauce, and perfectly crisp premium toppings, Grimaldi’s is the pizzeria you visit when you become tired of the boring, lukewarm dollar slices, and you seek elevation. With five locations sprinkled across the Greater New York City area, the Grimaldi’s located Under the Bridge takes… Read more →