New York City’s Food Truck Scene

New York City is widely known for its amazing cuisine, restaurants, and delicious food selections. Although there are many famous and outstanding restaurants to try in the city, there are also incredible food trucks that are definitely worth the visit. Even though it comes out of the back of a truck these eateries on the go serve up some of the most delicious meals New York City has to offer:


Lil Zeus Lunch Box


The Lil Zeus Lunch Box food truck is beloved by locals in Midtown and a must-try for visitors. The unmissable little blue truck has lunchtime lines that wrap around the block thanks to its delicious and authentic Greek food. It is mostly known for its lamb pita, souvlaki platter, Greek salad, and much more. One bite of their food is like sending your tastebuds on a tasty adventure through Greece that will have you coming back for more.


Tacos El Bronco


If you’re craving for something more south of the border, you can never go wrong with Tacos El Bronco. This food truck that resides in Sunset Park is packed will unbeatable flavor and backed by a neverending line of satisfied customers. From lengua, sweet pastor, to cabeza tacos, each is stuffed with fresh cilantro and raw onions with a side of pickled veggies and a squeeze of zesty lime. This is the ultimate stop for all your taco cravings.


Mongolian BBQ Cart


Cure your worst hunger with the Mongolian BBQ Cart. This incredible and flavorful food truck is one of Flushing’s finest.  The line is well worth the wait thanks to their pork, beef, squid, shrimp, lamb, and more stacked on sticks for a perfectly charred kebab. Their food is heavy of flavor and light for your wallet, making it a must-try on your next visit to the city.


Cheong Fun Cart

Get your filling of traditional Chinese food with the Cheong Fun Cart. This Chinatown staple offers flat steamed rice noodles topped with meat and a sweet-salty sauce. While their warm meals are perfect for winter, their taste is great all year round. Because of their popularity and great food options, they often sell out early, but it is worth getting up early to get a taste. This is a great choice for trying new tastes and exploring new parts of the city.