5 NYC Activities to Enjoy This Summer

Are you looking for some ways to make the most of this summer in NYC? Here are five great ways to enjoy your summer in New York:

  1. Bryant Park Movie Nights

What could be better than combining Netflix and the outdoors? Monday nights from June 10th until August 12th, you can watch free movies in Bryant Park. This year they will be featuring movies like “The Birdcage,” “Anchorman,” and even the 1976 film “Carrie.” The event is free, but bring some cash if you want to buy food, beer, or wine to enjoy during your movie.

  1. Enjoy a Beach Day

New York City has 14 miles of beautiful beaches for you to spend your summer lounging on. Some are smaller and family-friendly like Manhattan Beach and some are larger and full of activities like Brighton Beach. No matter what your preferences are, you can find the perfect beach for you in NYC.

  1. Check Out a Rooftop Bar

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some drinks on one of the rooftops of NYC’s many bars. The Loveage Rooftop in Midtown provides guests with a 360-degree view of the city, or if you prefer, you can visit the Brooklyn Barge on the waterfront. 

  1. Eat at Dekalb Market Hall

Dekalb Market Hall is in Brooklyn and features 40 vendors that represent ethnic and cultural diversity. You can enjoy themed events like “Geeks Who Drink,” “No Phone Thursdays” (a comedy event), or Saturday night Bingo. 

  1. Tour a Brewery

New York City is home to dozens of breweries. You can enjoy one or you can go on a full tour and see multiple breweries at once. City Brew Tours offer three different tours, including their “Original Brew Tour,” “Brooklyn’s Best Beer Tour,” and a walking tour called “Brewing in Queen’s Walking Tour.” They will also accommodate private tours.