5 Bakeries You Can’t Miss in NYC

One of the best things about New York City is the food scene. You can barely take 10 steps in NYC without running into some sort of food. While it’s extremely hard to just talk about one type of restaurant, this post will focus on the delicious bakeries that dot every neighborhood in the Big Apple. In a city where only the best survive, the bakeries below are the best of the best when it comes to baked goods. 

Hot Bread Kitchen

If you’re looking for a massive variety of international breads and sweets, then this bakery is for you. Not only do they offer scrumptious pullman loaves, parker house rolls, naan, tortillas, challah, miche, and Moroccan m’sen, the bakery is a non-profit on a mission to create economic opportunity through careers in food. 

Recolte Bakery

Designed by award-winning chef and baker, Peng-Chieh Wang, Recolte bakery opened its doors in the Upper West Side in 2017 and has created a storm of delicious flavors ever since. The bakery weaves European and Asian flavors together in unexpected and incredible ways, making it a unique and crave-inducing experience. 

Artopolis Bakery

With near-endless arrays of Greek baked goods including 8 different types of baklava, ornate cakes, cookies of unimaginable variety, galaktoboureko, kataifi, and samali, Artopolis is a work of art you can eat. It has a modern feel with a touch of sophisticated flair that will have you heading to Astoria the second it opens. 

Orwasher’s Bakery

Founded in 1916 by a Hungarian immigrant family, Orwasher’s has become a NYC institution. What began as a small storefront in the Upper East Side transformed into the baked goods masterpiece it is today. Don’t forget to pick up sticky-bun babka, croissants, bagels, turnovers, and strudel before you go. 

Sullivan St. Bakery

Jim Lahey is the maestro behind the masterful bread and other baked goods inside Sullivan St. Bakery. If you’ve been searching for the perfect Italian bakery, you should make your way over to Chelsea to give this place a try. Think potato flatbread pizza sprinkled with rosemary olive oil, or bomboloni stuffed with jam or cream. Once you’re done thinking about it, satisfy your hunger by trying all of them.