New York City Wine and Food Festival

There is no shortage of festivals to attend if you are looking for an upscale culinary experience. All throughout the year, various cities in the United States host an array of choices. The New York City Wine and Food Festival (NYCWFF) is an annual celebration that is held each year and is scattered throughout new york city. It is undeniably the largest wine and food festival that takes place in NYC each year. Participants are welcome to visit any or all of the 80 predetermined venues for events that last throughout this one weekend in the Fall. It is sponsored by the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, as well as a generous sponsorship by Capital One bank. 


The objective of the festival, in addition to introducing people to great chefs and the wonderful cuisines and delicacies that exist in New York, is to help fight a national hunger pandemic. There are well over 10 million kids in the United States who suffer from hunger, including 1 out of every 5 kids in New York City alone. Over 1 million NYC residents depend on emergency food rations in order to survive. Most people don’t know that a $1 donation equates to 5 meals through the Food Bank, which is why the causes No Kid Hungry and the Food Bank of NYC are the two charities that benefit from this event.


Attendance fees are how the majority of the money is made, and each year the festival brings in roughly $1 million. Since it’s inception in 2007, the event has raised over $13 million, with 100% of the proceeds going towards helping those in need. Some of the highlights during the three-day event include hands-on classes, tasting events, wine samplings, educational culinary seminars, and one-on-one dinners with famous tv chefs.


The New York City Wine and Food Festival is something that both tourists and locals alike look forward to. Some of the famously chosen locales include Hudson River Park’s Pier 97, with a breathtaking view of the river. Other events are hosted at outdoor walk/tasting events that combine the beauty of New York City in the Fall with the delicious food and wine delicacies throughout the weekend.