The Best Food Festivals in New York City

New York is gigantic and with as many people who live there, it’s no wonder that there is a variety of cultures. With varying cultures comes lots of different types of food, and that opens up the door to something great – food festivals. Food festivals can be a great way for people to try plenty of new foods from plenty of different backgrounds while oftentimes being able to also support local businesses and community members. While food festivals may seem like they’re a ways away from happening due to the pandemic, it’s nice to dream about the food we will hopefully be eating by next summer. Here are a few of the best food festivals that occur in New York City.


NYC Wine & Food Festival

The NYC Wine & Food Festival is one of the most well-known food festivals in the area. It’s been around for over 10 years and much of the food is cooked by well-known celebrity chefs, which makes sense since it’s connected to The Food Network & Cooking channel. All of the proceeds from the festival go to the Food Bank of New York City and No Kid Hungry and they’ve raised over $12 million since their first festival. The festival usually occurs in October, so hopefully, by next fall they’ll be hosting it again.


TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint

Located in Brooklyn, the TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint food festival has been around for over 10 years and features foods from more than 40 different local restaurants, breweries, and more. The festival is totally outdoors and some popular restaurants that tend to be there are Baba’s Pierogies and Le Fond, to name a few. The North Brooklyn Community Center puts on the festival and proceeds help them do things such as fixing up a former fire station so they can provide a space for social justice organizations. 


Artisanal Sweet Treats Bazaar

If you have a sweet tooth, this food festival is probably the one for you. This festival usually occurs at the Grand Bazaar NYC in the Upper West Side and is entirely focused on desserts, so be prepared for a lot of sugar. You’ll have plenty of different dessert options to choose from including homemade fudge, cookies, cupcakes, experimental donuts and so much more.