The Best Pizza Places in New York City

If you didn’t know by now, one of the things New York City is best known for is its pizza. No matter where you are in the city, there’s always a place to get a slice of pizza and it’s almost always ridiculously good. With so many options, it can be difficult to pick the right pizza place if you don’t have a favorite or don’t know the various options well enough. Look no further, as that’s exactly what this list is about. Here are some of the best pizza places in NYC.


Joe’s Pizza – Greenwich Village

One of the best pizza places in the city is Joe’s Pizza. This place has been around since the 70’s and the original owner, Joe Pozzuoli, still runs it. Their classic cheese pizza is consistently satisfying and delicious and what I’d recommend, though all of their choices are fantastic. The original is located in Greenwich Village but there are multiple in the city now that may be closer to your location.


Scarr’s Pizza – Lower East Side

Scarr’s has only been open for about 4 years now, making it one of the newer pizza shops in the NYC scene. While it may be newer, that doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious. Scarr’s quickly blew up after it opened and has been known as an NYC pizza staple since. Their secret ingredient is that they use 100% all-natural ingredients as well as done on-site milled flour.


Koronet Pizza – Upper West Side

If you’re looking for the biggest slice of pizza you can find, check out Koronet Pizza. They’re known for their “jumbo-sliced” pizza and they’re open until 2 in the morning on weeknights and 4 in the morning on weekends. The gigantic slices of pizza are surprisingly cheap, only costing around $5, and they have multiple locations around the city.


Prince Street Pizza – Soho

Known for their famous “SoHo Square” slice, which is a tiny slice of pizza covered in thick slices of pepperoni, Prince Street Pizza is easily one of the best places to grab a slice in the city. They’re known for their pizza having the perfect amount of crunch, doughiness and sweetness and spice, and because of that they suffer from long lines during lunch time and most of the weekend.