NYC Wine Review: Wölffer Premier Cru Merlot

Kevin Brunnock premier cru

As a native New Yorker, I always support vineyards that are here locally in the state. While California is known to be the premier state in the US for vineyards and delicious wines, New York is definitely right on the heels of the Golden State in terms of premier vineyards in the country. Because of this, I am a frequent visitor to various vineyards and an avid supporter of local wines.

That said, one of my favorite vineyards is the Wölfer Estate Vineyard located in the Hamptons section of Eastern, Long Island. Around 2002 this Vineyard made light in the news for the release of one of their most exclusive wines to date, a 100% pure Merlot affectionately called Premier Cru. This was monumental for vineyards in Long Island as it officially became the most expensive Merlot to come out of Long Island at $55 a bottle. Merlot is Long Island’s premier wine and Long Island has long been known as a leader in the industry. The wine was released in limited quantity and has been compared to some of the best merlots in the world. But is the Premier Cru worth the $100 price tag? Note: Since it’s release you can now purchase the bottle and newer years at around $150.

The wine itself is exquisite. As mentioned before, Premier Cru is 100% Merlot, so it’s not for the faint of heart or for your average wine drinker. This wine is definitely reserved for the more refined palate and those that appreciate wine. The wine has hints of beets, cherries, tobacco and oak, but definitely awakens your senses. It’s not overpowering as one might think, but instead offers a perfect balance of flavors and notes.

All in all, this was one of the best wines that I’ve tasted. The wine definitely offers a hint of exclusivity that one has become familiar with the Wolffer estates. Premier Cru is a true Merlot and definitely one to give all others a run for their money.