Best Vineyards on Long Island

kevin brunnock vineyards

With the spring and summer closely approaching, vineyard season will be beginning soon. Though California is one of the premier places for vineyards and wineries, New York City is slowly inching up to claim its place. Long Island holds some of the best soils for grape growing due to its sandy soil. The area holds unique glacial soils due to the last glacial advance which left gravel and shale type soils. Not only are there great wines to taste and sample, but the vineyards out in Long Island also offer some of the best climates and scenery during the spring and winter. Especially being from the city, it’s great to get out of the concrete jungle for the nice scenery of the eastern part of New York. That said, what are some of the best vineyards and wineries to visit in Long Island? The wine regions in New York State hold about 212 wineries and it’s near impossible visit all. So for that, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite wineries and vineyards in the Long Island area.

Martha Clara Vineyards

Martha Clara is located in the Riverhead section of Long Island. This vineyard is a little more family friendly as you often see children and families. Aside from that, they offer live music and a picnic area where you can enjoy food along with your wine tastings. They also offer a petting zoo for the kids with feedings. As for the tastings, the staff is very attentive and patient when any questions are asked. This vineyard also offers an indoor area which allows for ambiance in a comfortable setting even when the weather isn’t favorable. Unfortunately, outside food is no longer allowed on the premises, but they do offer an array of snacks including cheeses, meats, and crackers among other foods. I would definitely recommend this vineyard for those who are looking for a casual setting and it’s one of their first times out to the vineyards.

Macari Vineyards and Wineries

Macari is one of my favorite vineyards in the Long Island area. This vineyard is simple with a nice decor with a spacious area for relaxing during a tasting. Macari also offers an array of snacks including a mixture of cheeses and meats. During the summer, Macari has some of the best views you will find in Long Island with a gazebo sitting right at the edge of rows and rows of vineyards. The staff is also very attentive and knowledgeable on the various wines as well as best pairings.

Duck Walk Vineyards

Last on my list is Duck Walk vineyards. Duck Walk is located in the Water Hill area of Long Island. This vineyard offers a quaint yard with scenic views and atmosphere. As for the wine, unlike other vineyards, the wine is actually great. The staff is very knowledgeable on the selections and what pairs best with the wines. The wines are all moderately priced and offer a wide selection of both reds and wines to satisfy your palate.

Have you been to any of these vineyards? What are some of your favorites?