DeKalb Market Hall Serves Terrific Fare at Fair Prices

DEKALB MARKET HALL SERVES TERRIFIC FARE AT FAIR PRICES - Kevin brunnockIn a few short weeks, a slight chill will settle over the city and leaves will begin to separate from the ample variety of trees. When this happens, New Yorkers will turn to their favorite restaurants for flavorful recipes that remind them of their favorite fall flavors, such as cloves, pumpkin, brandy, and cider. It’d be nice to do all of those things while staying indoors.    

New York Times recently compiled a list for their fall preview. The compilation showcases a handful of industry superstars across the nation, as well as some burgeoning hideaways. Read on to learn one of the greatest takeaways from the list :

In a few simple words: DeKalb Market Hall at City Point

According to New York Times’ Pete Wells: “It’s very encouraging that City Point, a new shopping mall in Downtown Brooklyn, looked beyond the usual suspects to bring a variety of cuisines to its basement food court, DeKalb Market Hall: excellent grilled Pakistani meats from BK Jani, hand-pulled Chinese noodles at Hana Noodle Station, Caribbean oxtail stew and curry goat at Likkle More Jerk. I wish the market had more stalls like these, but mostly I wish that some of the other food halls would take this ball and run with it.”

As Wells indicated, City Point is located in Downtown Brooklyn just steps away from the Manhattan Bridge. While some things are located in this center, including places to shop and watch a film, what’s apparent is the fact that DeKalb Market Hall, Brooklyn’s Largest Food Hall, is a great place to find a terrific meal. That’s true whether you’re interested in discovering new flavors or sampling usual fare. More than 30 culturally and ethnically diverse restaurants are established within the walls of the compound, and design of the market pays homage to a history of mouthwatering and distinctive dishes.

Ample Hills, Andrew’s Classic Bklyn Bagels, Arepa Lady, Belle Cheese, Brooklyn Juicer, Bunker, Bunsmith, Cafe D’avignon, Craft+Carry, Cuzin’s Duzin, Daigo Hand Roll Bar, Dekalb Taco, Dulcinea, Eight Turn Crepes, Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Foragers Butcher, Foragers Market, Forcella, Fulton Landing Seafood, Fulton Landing Seafood Market, Hana Noodles, Hard Times Sundaes, Home Frite, Jianbing Company, Kotti Berliner Doner Kebab, Likkle More, Lioni Heroes, Paella Shack, Pierogi Boys, Pop Cake Shop, Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie, Two Tablespoons, Wiki Wiki, and Wilma Jean are among the many eateries available to hungry individuals interested in delicious food.

City Point is a great place to visit as the New York City begins to cool down. There’s a whole world of experiences to be enjoyed when the world starts to cool down a bit. 

The New York Times article also pointed attention toward Superiority Burger, which is run by Brooks Headley, who used to be the pastry chef at Del Posto. The Brownsville Community Culinary Center, founded by Lucas Denton and chef Claus Meyer, also mentioned in the article. The restaurant is billed as “a nonprofit restaurant and culinary-training center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, offering a 50 percent discount to people on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  Claus Meyer is also the founders of Norma and the owner of Agent.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Superiority Burger, Brownsville Community Culinary Center, and Dekalb Market Hall, check out some of the New York Times write-ups.