Three-Star Michelin Restaurants in New York City | 2017

Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City | Kevin Brunnock

Who doesn’t want to know more about 3-star Michelin restaurants in New York City?

The Michelin Guide is a well-known series of guide books published by Michelin, a French tire and travel service assistance company. Since 1900, the Michelin Guide has been published after brothers and manufacturers Édouard and André Michelin printed nearly 35,000. Subsequent editions of the guide were introduced to nations across Europe. In 1926, the guide began to distribute stars to fine dining establishments.

  • “A very good restaurant in its category” (Une très bonne table dans sa catégorie)
  • “Excellent cooking, worth a detour” (Table excellente, mérite un détour)
  • “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” (Une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage).

The Michelin Guide to New York City was published for the first time in 2006, also representing the first time Michelin pushed a Red Guide for a region outside of the United States. The extensive system of appraisal, resulting in the Michelin symbol being ascribed to a particular fine dining establishment, is done so anonymously. The integrity of the reviews is protected because Michelin reviewers don’t reveal themselves and their food is paid for by Michelin company, not the business being reviewed.

As of 2017, out of 857 dining establishments reviewed, there were 77 restaurants in the New York Area that were Michelin rated, and just six fine dining establishments were awarded three stars in the New York City area. Read on to learn what reviewers have said about these coveted, as well as the fare they serve:  

Le Bernardin

You won’t find a broader, more impeccably tuned range of seafood textures and flavors, either, or a more impressive range of technique emanating from the kitchen in everything from the baking of the small, toasty predinner baguettes to the work of the legions of sauciers to the legendary butcher, Justo Thomas, who breaks down a veritable rainbow of fresh fish in the basement for 12 hours a day. ” –NY Magazine

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

“While the menu changes constantly, one thing that’s lasted through the 2010 renovation that upgraded the counter from twelve to eighteen seats is the chef’s collection of copper pots, which hang over the dining area like an interactive chandelier.” – Vital Voice

Eleven Madison Park

“The meal is narrated almost from the minute you sit down, starting with a printed card tied to a box of savory black-and-white cookies (“the quintessential New York treat”), and scarcely letting up until you leave, when you are handed a pocket-size book of historical background on the food you’ve just eaten.” – NY Times


“One of the most memorable dining experiences! My boyfriend and I came here for the Tastes of Winter lunch menu. We didn’t wait too long after checking in at the lobby. They were very accommodating to my vegetarian requests and made sure I was able to order anything from the menu with a suitable substitute. Overall, I was very impressed, and was glad that I could experience my first three-star dining experience at Jean-Georges.” – Yelp


“If service, or the temperament of Masa himself, is ever less than exceptional, I did not experience it on my visit. I was able to get a reservation at the counter for the same day I called, and from the minute we walked in everything was incredible. The food shines above and beyond any other Japanese/sushi restaurants I’ve been to in NYC. Each piece of sushi is crafted to be something unique, with the addition of other flavors depending on the type of fish you’re being served. Is it worth it? Yes, because you won’t have this experience anywhere else, and the menu is comprised of only the best, seasonal items. You can’t rationalize the cost per person, it’s irrelevant. If you’re thinking of splurging – do it, if only once in your life.” — NY Magazine

Per Se

“Thomas Keller’s Time Warner Center “high temple” of French–New American cuisine is “truly an event” given the “fabulous” tasting menu, “unimpeachable” service and “posh”, jackets-required surrounds overlooking Central Park; while the “through-the-roof” set price may limit visits to “once in a blue moon”, those of more limited means “love the à la carte option” in the lounge.” – Zagat

The Michelin Guide shines a light on incredible New York flavor. The restaurants continually reviewed, and eateries manage to acquire and lose starts over months.