The Best Wineries between Brooklyn and the Finger Lakes

In the recent past, the New York state has emerged to become the powerhouse of wine production. However, the state has not always been producing wine, for there was a time when New York State was only producing sweet concord ice wine. Finger Lakes and Brooklyn host more than 2,000 wineries. Here are some of the best wineries in Brooklyn and Finger Lakes.

Finger Lakes

1. Ravines Wine Cellars

Seneca Lake’s rustic winery shows that Finger Lake is amazing when it comes to winery though it is not as famous as Napa. The natural beauty of green vines and Seneca Lake is enough to make grape lovers stay a few days longer, even without minding the wine’s taste.

2. Boundary Breaks

The new winery near Seneca wine trail produces Riesling grapes grown on-site. The grapes are fermented and produced in different forms, from sweet to super dry. Red wine lovers are also taken care of as Boundary has fruit-forward cabernet franc.

3. Vineyard Views

A family-friendly farm characterizes vineyard views. The place has a panorama scene of grapevines and hills that make it look peaceful. Vineyard views have tasting rooms and wine shops. The area has warm weather that encourages day and evening walks.

Hudson Valley Wineries

1. Benmarl Winery

People thinking of upstate visits should consider the benchmark. Benmarl is small-scale production that focuses on producing small types of New York wines. The wines stretch from bacor noir and cabernet place. Benmarl is known for the ship lantern inn that has varieties of winery meals.

2. White cliff Vineyard and Winery

The winery is named after the white cliffs found in the area, characterized by a tasting room and shady picnic grove. The winery has fruity Vidal Blanc and oak fermented chardonnay. The regular fair price flights make the place more attractive.

3. Mile estate

Mile estate is a small vineyard of about 98 acres. However, the winery has created a name for itself by participating in the Dutchess county wine trail. Mile estate winery makes plummy merlot and crisp chardonnay.

Brooklyn and Finger Lakes have the best wines. Each winery has a unique way of producing its wine. Wine lovers can visit the area to enjoy the varieties.