The Best Culinary Day Trips for New Yorkers!

How far would you travel for a phenomenal bite to eat? As New Yorkers, we are likely to spend most of our lives frequenting convenient restaurants, refusing to venture out more than a few blocks for something genuinely appetizing. This is a huge mistake.

New York City is home to several fantastic eateries outside of good old Manhattan. If you’re hungry, and up for a day trip, here are some of the best neighborhoods in the surrounding boroughs for an outstanding meal.


Astoria – Known formerly for its Greek food, Astoria is now a popular destination for a wide variety of dishes. You can find excellent pho, gooey grilled cheese, and Brazilian pastries worth salivating over.

Long Island City – If you prefer your gastric experience to include a little bit of ambiance then Long Island City is the place for you. Unique vibes surround many of the local restaurants where you can find intense Peruvian flavors, impressive bowls of ramen, and the only Mexican restaurant in New York City with a Michelin rating.


Sheepshead Bay – Enjoy a meal on the water in several of Sheepshead Bay’s classic European establishments. Taste Italian pizza and seafood, Armenian baked goods, and a few Russian delicacies sure to please your palate. Sheepshead Bay is also home to a mean roast beef sandwich for picky eaters in the group.

Sunset Park – Searching for some south-of-the-border flavors? Try Sunset Park in Brooklyn for a few Mexican dishes that are definitely worth the commute. Purchase your tamales, tacos, or tortas and take them to the city’s namesake — Sunset Park — to devour them near a gorgeous view of lower Manhattan.

The Bronx

Belmont – Most New Yorkers know great Italian food when they taste it. If you’re itching for some fresh Mediterranean flavors, then you have to check out Brooklyn’s version of Little Italy. Chock full of pasta, sandwiches, and specialty meats and cheeses, Belmont is perfect for hearty meals or satisfying snacks.

Staten Island

Tompkinsville – If I’m sending you to The Bronx for Italian, what could you possibly eat in Staten Island? The signature Sri Lankan flavors of Tompkinsville, of course! Gorge or graze on several traditional dishes like pancakes with rice fish curry, or sample some “Indo-Lankan” fusion served with coconut and tomato chutneys.