Don’t Forget the Wine : Restaurant Week

With restaurant week quickly approaching, many are making their reservations now to experience fine dining at its best throughout New York City.This time of year is hailed by foodies and the more casual consumers of fine cuisine as an excellent chance to experiment with some of the most buzzed about eateries that New York has to offer. As residents and out of towners alike begin to secure their spots and purchase their passes for this festival of culinary delights, it’s important to remember that what wine you pair with your meal is just as important as what you choose to order. For those that like to keep it simple and are perhaps novices to viticulture at large, below are a few simple tips to keep in mind when selecting a wine for your expertly prepared restaurant week meal.


  1. Consider the suggestions of your server: although it’s true that some servers may try to pass off the more expensive wine options on the menu in the hopes of getting a bump in their tip at the end of your meal, experienced members in the service industry would rather make sure that you are happy with the wine that they suggest to accompany your meal. If you’re uncertain of where your server falls on this spectrum, ask to sample some of the wine options before committing to a bottle.
  2. Choose a light wine for light food, and a heavy wine for heavy foods.
  3. For a special bottle of wine (ie, a gift, a highly rated bottle of wine, a sentimental bottle of wine, etc), plan the meal around the wine. Normally the wine should complement the food, but if the wine is the focus, make sure that you order the food that best suits it.
  4. Inquire if the restaurant has a food and wine pairing menu, or if there is an in house sommelier.


See below for more tips and tricks on choosing the right wine with your meal, and make sure to reserve your spots early for restaurant week!

Kevin Brunnock